Haciendo más de un sueño realidad

The Oasis Foundation has provided support through campaigns, donations, and in-kind, to the following NGO's from 1998 to 2013:


The Cancun House of Culture (Casa de la Cultura de Cancún) has been part of the collaborative network for over fifteen years. As a result they have implemented programs for children and teenagers, like ‘Science Saturday’ (Sábados en la Ciencia) attended by scientists from the Mexican Academy of Sciences (Academia Mexicana de las Ciencias) to offer free lectures and programs like ‘Wings and Roots’ (Alas y Raíces) a creativity course, and ‘Cultural Caravans’ (Caravanas Culturales) which brings plays to different rural communities in our state.

‘The Cancun Camerata’, a contemporary symphonic ensemble, granted seventy tickets for its 2013 concert season for Oasis employees.


Through the help of others, we have improved the infrastructure of our local community. This includes the construction of facilities for literacy and vocational training for Mayan women in Puerto Aventuras, a sports field for the Secundaria Técnica No. 22, revamping the Secundaria Técnica Pesquera de Puerto Morelos’s courtyard, as well as boat restorations for the Escuela Secundaria Pesquera de Puerto Morelos.

The Athletes with a Cause (Atletas con Causa) program has helped to purchase furniture so that different organizations are able to help more people, and have a greater impact on society. From 2013 to date around $100,000 pesos has been raised for Transformar Educando A.C., ASTRA Cancún A.C. and the community kitchen Huellas de Pan A.C.


Support has been provided to various organizations serving children, teenagers, and adults with physical or mental disabilities, in addition to internal programs for Oasis employees and their families. Support has also been given to those suffering from deafness. The monthly donations of every Oasis Hotels & Resorts employee have made it possible to provide hearing aids and medical help.


This program is one of the most important programs for the Oasis Foundation. Throughout 2013, donations were made to Save The Children play centers; places where physical and mental development and solidarity issues are helped in underprivileged children. Local organizations Transformar Educando A.C., Educadores Integrales A.C., and Toma el Control A.C., specializing in improving literacy, addiction prevention, and behavioral issues, were also supported. For the 2013-2014 school year, 293 children of employees received scholarships and 571 school supply kits were distributed


In collaboration with Benito Juárez Municipal DIF, medical programs for osteoporosis screening and ocular and auricular prosthesis development were carried out. The Mexican Red Cross, Grupo Desafío, and other institutions for the prevention and detection of diseases have been supported. Inside the Oasis hotels, a dental health campaign was developed to give implants to employees and their families who had teeth missing. As part of the employee support program, major eye surgeries were performed to prevent loss of vision, including cataract and pterygium surgeries.