Evolution: innovation, adaptation and rebirth of the Oasis Fundation.

Oasis Hotels & Resorts adapt their social commitment to best serve changes that arise on both a local and national level, always remaining true to their core philosophy of helping those in need.

We have established partnerships with NGO's and academic institutions making it possible to reach common goals. Inside the Oasis family, programs have been developed to improve the quality of life of its employees through several supporting organizations.

FOA is an organization for social and community development, which has taken into account the sensitive issues affecting the community, to establish the following pillars on which it operates:

Oasis Hotels & Resorts Social Commitment

FOA is a social entity created by people, for people. It forms an intrinsic part of society, where those who support it may also need to receive support from it. FOA is the business foundation of the Oasis Social Commitment; and since Quintana Roo is state with a strong focus on tourism and hospitality services, and Oasis is a company within this industry, it owes both to community development and to human capital growth.

FOA, abiding by its five pillars (Culture, Community Development, Disability, Education, and Health) fulfills its underlying principle: To improve the quality of life for Oasis Hotels & Resorts employees and its community.

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